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A Family File is a private place where you can store important information about your family to help future generations know exactly who you are, your beliefs and values, and much more.

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Get your family members to join your group and help you create the Legacy Story with recipes, photos, videos, stories and more.


Collaborate with your family to create the most complete legacy story possible.

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PRIVACY – Keep all of your photos, videos, and family groups private and only visible to the people that you give permission to.

VIDEO DIARIES – Upload videos of the people in your family telling stories.


Your Legacy Story

When future generations start to research their ancestry to try to find out who they are and where they came from, how easy will it be for them to understand your story, your beliefs, your morals and values? On the Family File, you can make certain that happens.

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Collaborate with Family Members

On The Family File, in addition to creating your own story, you can join your Family Group with the rest of your family where you can share family photos, stories, videos and more.

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Guiding the Next Generation

Younger generations are engulfed into the internet. They look for instant gratification in everything they want. That makes the family file the perfect platform for guiding them into the future.

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Do something that matters for your family

Instead of wasting your time trying to impress your friends online, spend time building your legacy story, your family file, your collection of photos, videos and stories that explain who you are and much more.

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A Personal Message

From Tom Gorecki

I created The Family File out of a need to try to fill the gaps I had in my family’s history. These gaps were not intentional but were a result of life’s effect on what we focus on! Not only did I feel the need to know and understand my family history to help me in my life challenges but to make sure my kids had it to help them through their life challenges as well!

The Family File was designed to allow for families to build and store family history in one place where the whole family could share it for generations to come. It also created a private place to interact with family on a regular basis. I believe that if families can build their legacy and history from the past and add to it every generation their families and what made them who they are will live on for ever!



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